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Caroline Chords

Song Title: Caroline...(R. Nagaro)
Submitted By: Cuntcheeks Jones of 'Ebeneezer Splooge'
Band: Ebeneezer Splooge

Intro- C,C7,C,C7,C,C7

C		  C7
I was asked to be introduced to you
C 		  C7
But I wasn't sure what you might do
(speed up)
And so I wrote this song
I hope this won't do me wrong


B7			Gm
Caroline, I think you look mighty fine
G				   Em (hold)
Caroline, I just want you to be mine

Slow down again...

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C		   C7
I just want to get to know you
C 		   C7
And I want this to be a big clue
(speed up)
I just want you to like me
So just listen to my plea


Chorus, end in...
G                  Em(hold)
I want you to be mine
G                  Em(hold)
I need you to be mine
G                  Em(hold)
Just please be mine

Chords (In order of appearance) 

  C- x32010
 C7- x32310
  A- x02220
Am7- x02010
 B+- x21000
 B7- x21202
 Gm- xx0333
  G- 320003
 Em- 022000===================================================================