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Ever So Sweet Tab

i got "this rooms to cold" the day it came out, and so far i learned every
song on the whole cd. so if u need any other tabs for the cd (or anyother tabs
by anyone), u can email me at MakeMeSad00@aol.com.

use regular tuning, THEN drop down a step for ~Dropped D~

<-x----x----x----x----------------------------------->     you'll figure out
<-x----x----x----x----------------------------------->     the strumming
<-3----8----5----3----------------------------------->     pattern.


"can't you see the wall you built for me, were not special....ETC"
[ Tab from: http://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/e/early_november/ever_so_sweet_tab_ver_2.html ]

then end with.....



and there you go... Ever So Sweet by The Early November. if you need any song
tabbed, just contact me and i will have them ready... have fun and go out and
buy the cd, its unbelievable..