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Notorious Tab

Duran Duran - Notorious (1986)

Tabbed by: trevgreg
Email: trevgreg1227@hotmail.com

Tuning: Standard

I've seen a few interpretations of the main riff online, and they all appear to be way
off. So I'm giving you the real thing right here.

"Notorious" main riff:
    pt. A       pt. B

There's actually three unique ways of playing this after the opening strokes during the
verses. This is done by hitting the last few strings a couple of times between the riffs
(B and e strings, probably). Nile Rodgers of Chic (who produced the Notorious album)
actually plays guitar on the album version. And the band's two main guitarists over the
years, Warren Cuccurullo and Andy Taylor, have each played this song live during their
respective tenures in the band, with Taylor's being the current one.
[ Tab from: http://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/d/duran_duran/notorious_tab.html ]
Might only be for the hard core fans, but here's my estimates on how hitting those few
strings stack up after each part of the riff:
Nile: A: down, up down. B: down, up, down, up. Some variation on the timing after the B
riff as the song moves along.
Warren: Really the same as Nile's, with three or four strokes after the B riff usually.
Probably the most simple.
Andy: Can usually be four strokes up and down after A and B, though he's been known for
playing as much as six after the A riff! Requires the most moving.

And here's how the chorus goes. These chords and the main riff practically make up the 

A: 577655
A7: 575655
G: 355433
G7: 353633

A                 A7        G                    G7
You own the money, you control the witness
A                 A7        G                    G7
I hear you're lonely - don't monkey with my business
A                 A7        G                    G7
You pay the profits to justify the reasons
A                 A7        G                    G7
I heard your promise but i don't believe it -
G            G7           A
That's why i'll do it again

Listen to the song to get an idea how the pick movement goes, especially for the last 
words there. You go through the G - G7 transition twice pretty quick there before ending 
A single A chord.

Just listen to any album or live version, and it should click right away. Either way,
it's a fun riff and song to play.