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Lion Rip Chords

this song sounds best played with all power chords. info.  duke spirit are a band
from liverpool england who have just made an album. www.dukespirit.com

G for 4 bars then
G G Bb C  x 4

verse 1
G                         Bb    C
Oh you do do do what you want
G                         Bb    C
And go, go just where you will
G                                 Bb    C
Because your life inside of this life
G                   Bb    C
And it feels like this
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G       C
If you want it oh
G         C
You could have it
        G           C
But you have to be honest now
                   G           C
About where you're feeling from

Verse 2
Well you say, say, say whatever comes
And it rings so true much later on
Well your life inside of this life
And it taste lik(sounds like a mumble)

chorus 2
If you want it oh
You could have it
But you have to feed this feeling now
With the sparks of your fire

G x 16
G                             Bb
I like every color I've ever seen 
              C  G
I wonna break to you
G               Bb
You're all with me
I wont be
I wont be brave
          Bb                      C   G
Till I've seen every color I've ever seen

I wonna
Bb         C
Be braver than you

chorus 1 then chorus 2

Repeat g till end of song

keep on rocking.  sent by robert loustau