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People Are People Tab

People are people(acoustic)

i made a slight mistake with the tune last time..the capo is NOT on the 2nd
fret but ON THE 1ST fret..hehehe...so here it is..the most accurate tab of people are people...enjoy!

capo on 1st fret

(1) Intro & Chorus

e |------------------------------------------|
b |-------3x3-------1x1------1x1-------0x0---|
g |-------0x0-------0x0------0x0-------0x0---| 
d |------------------------------------------|
a |-----3--x-----2---x-----0--x--------------|
e |---------------------------------3---x----|

(2) Pre-chorus

e |------------------------------------------|
b |--------1x1------1x1------3x3------0x0----|
g |--------0x0------0x0------0x0------0x0----|   3x then proceed below
d |------------------------------------------|
a |-----2---x----2---x----3---x--------------|
e |--------------------------------3---x-----|

[ Tab from: http://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/d/dsound/people_are_people_tab_ver_2.html ]
e |------------------------------------------|
b |--------1x1------1x1------3x3------0------|
g |--------0x0------0x0------0x0------0------|    
d |-----------------------------------0------|
a |-----2---x----2---x----3---x-------x------|
e |-----------------------------------3------|


I am the one
who believes in all that you say
I am the one
who never wants to define herself
I am the one
who's paralell, upfront, behind
I am the one
paddling like crazy through the night

Refine, old time, colourblind
Big sign, do time, doesn't rhyme
A lot, too much, standing tall
And I'm crying in the valley:
"I shall never, ever fall!"

People are people
and I feel so strong
People are people and I'm
going on

I am the one
who stirrs it up everytime
I am the one
who never knows how close she is
I am the one
who'd rather be dead than confess
I am the one
trying to be good, wanting to be bad and so on

Excess, temptress, big mess
Phoney, lonely, it's a test
Be still my heart, don't you fail
And I'm crying on the stagefloor:
"I will always prevail!"

(1){then fade}
I'm going on...