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Never Alone Tab

play all chords in bar chord formation
^pulloffs                         then start all over again
[ Tab from: http://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/d/dropkick_murphys/never_alone_tab.html ]
  the next part goes.. play each chord about 3 times slowly
      ^pause after B      ^play this A 1 time
       play B 1 time       

A-B-E-F  play each chord twice nice and speedy play the whole thing a coupla 
times then go back to intro 1st time around.

for the second round instead of playing intro you do this

B-E play each chord about 16 times (PALM MUTED!!!) 

then do the WHOLE darn thing all over again using the intro

in order for this to make any sense you gotta know the song really well. play 
with the cd it will make sense