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Carry Me Carrie Chords

Dr Hook
tabbed by Derrick

[D] Second Street and Broadway,    [G]  Sittin' in a doorway
[D] Head held in his hands, [E] Looked to all the world
Like he was [A] prayin',  [D] Foot wrapped in old rag,
[G] Bottle in a brown bag, [D] I saw him trying to stand
[E] Then I heard the words, that he was [A] sayin'   He said...
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[D] Come on, Carrie, [G] Carry me a little [D] farther
[D] Come on, Carrie,  Carry me one more [A] mile.
[D] I don't know where it's leadin' to, But I 
[G] know I can make it if I [E] lean on you, 
So [D] come on, Carrie,   [G]   Carry me a little
[D] I carried you, now [G] carry me a little, [D] (Pause) Come on,
[G] Carrie, carry me a little [D] while. [G] [D] [G]

Well he [D] struggled to his feet, And [G] staggered down the street
To the [D] window of a five and dime, He [E] stood and laughed a while at his [A] reflection.
[D] And then I heard him shoutin', [G] Something 'bout a mountain
[D] He could surely [D] climb,  If [E] she was only there 
To point to right [A] direction.,  But she ain't, no, but she ain't, no....

-Repeat Chorus-