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Snowden Chords

        G                      Em
I said man, can you help me out
bring me back to love
bring me back to life
                    D-Dsus-D (x2)
Oh why should I care

         G                      Em
I said how, could you keep me out ?
without a wish to share
so without a doubt
                   D-Dsus-D (x2)
oh why should I care 
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                 G                   Em
we have been warned, it's a classic sign
                 G                   Em
it's a wicked mind, with an axe to grind
            A        G
when is it our, our turn ?
                   D-Dsus-D (x2)
so why should I care

bridge : D - G - D - Em (x2)

A A7                  A 
yeah we have been warned

it's a classic sign

instrumental : G - Em (x2) same as verse

            A         G
if this is our last summer
oh why should we care ?
               A           G
if this could be our last summer
then why should we care ?