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Wild Child Bass Tab

From Jul 10 16:08:59 1996
Date: Wed, 10 Jul 1996 20:35:17 +0200
From: Guy 
Subject: BASS TAB: Artist: The Doors, Song: Wild Child, Album: Soft Parade

Artist: The Doors
Song: Wild Child
Album: Soft Parade      

Intro: (normal tuning)

D-----------|------------------| Robby plays this riff 5 more times before Jim 
A------3----|------------------| starts to sing. 
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Sorry this is all I figured out, but when I went to the Doors in the OLGA, I
was surprised at how little Doors music there was. 
E-mail me at if you know the whole song. I am also
looking for some more Kristin Hersh is anybody has (besides the stuff
already on the OLGA) from her album named "Hips & Makers".
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