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Hey Baby Chords

I noticed that no-one had tabbed this yet, I just worked it out myself and it sounds 
alright to me.
Any comments:
Nick Mavroidakis.

Hey Baby - DJ Otzi (original by Bruce Channel)

Basically the rythm is A-F#m-D-E like so:

A F#m D    E   A      F#m   D   
He-e-e-ey Hey baby. (ooh ahh)
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E        A   F#m D   E      A    F#m  D E 
I wanna kno-o-o-w if you'll be my girl

Repeat a lot!
The Middle 8 is
When I saw you walking down the street
I said that's the kind of girl I'd like to meet
She's so pretty, Lord she's fine.
I'd like her mine all mine.

It's as simple as that. Anyone disagree?
See you later.

By the way I do hate this song but it gets a great reception at parties when everyone 
is drunk.