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Version: 1 Type: Bass Tab

Sing Sing Death House Bass Tab

  This is the easiest distillers song to play and this is actually right
unlike all the other distillers tabs! So lets just get on wiv this

    |-9-9-9-------------------------------9-9-9-9-9-9     verse and intro

[ Tab from: http://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/d/distillers/sing_sing_death_house_btab.html ]
    |-------9-7-5-5-5-5-5-------5-7----------     Chorus

    |--------------  End bit (where it goes arr f*** it)

   and thats it, if you have any comments or you just want to talk about bass or
something then email me at mike@smeadows.plus.com or if you have msn my hotmail
is that email address there!