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Dispatch - Hey, Hey
Tabbed By: Konrad Schweitzer
EMail: crazyraptor@hotmail.com

Hi  this song is fairly simple      

the verse:

E    022100       
B    x24442
C#m  x46654
A    577655

then back to E    
[ Tab from: http://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/d/dispatch/hey_hey_crd.html ]
where there's a kinda chord chopy part
it's  B - C#m a couple of times and then 
it goes to A (002220) strumming each only once, then return to regular proggression: 
E    022100       
B    x24442
C#m  x46654
A    577655

PS. by "chopy" parts i mean the ones at the lyric points like:
   "but there's a lotta things you don't know you don't care,
    you don't want to see"   

  I know the chorus is similar but i don't know exactly whats being played
  I hope this helps   it's a great song

if you have questions please email me at: CrazyRaptor@hotmail.com