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Walk Into The Sun Chords

Hi!! Every one!!
i finally got on to this site!!! yay go me!!!
any way this is my first tab on htis site so ya it's probably not right so back me up
please i really love this song and i really want the chords for it (proper chords if
this is not right)
so post them please if you ahve them!!! -mystical panther
p.s you have to fill the words in your self...sorry.

verus 1
Am   Em  G  Em
Am   Em  A  G  x2

[ Tab from: http://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/d/dirty_vegas/walk_into_the_sun_crd.html ]
Am   Em  G  D
Am   Em  G  D
Am   Em  G  D
Am   Em  G  D  Am

Verus 2
Am  Em  G  Em
Am  Em  A  G x2

( i think...it's the 'the same agian' thing along with the 'ahh-ah-ah') 

Am  Em
Em          G          Em

Chorus x 2!!
oh ya end on Am!!!

yay i'm done as i said i don't think these are the right chords, and i could'nt find
them anywere so i spent 2 hours writing these!!
Post 'Walk into the sun' chords by Dirty Vegas please
-mystical panther