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Fuck Word Chords

"The Fuck Word" by Dirtbag

this Dirtbag song was no dist. at all. it was a reverb
and clean guitar. it's a slower song.

|C = x3203x|
|A = 5077xx|
|G = 320003|
|F = 133xxx|
[ Tab from: http://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/d/dirtbag/fuck_word_crd.html ]
     C               A   F         G C A               F      G
When i walk up i see the fucking sky and makes me fall asleep again
When i stop to see the bright blue sky i die and feel so fucking gay
So fuck the truth and give me a lie so i can see so i can get high
And fuck the future and live for right now and fuck the useless shit

Give me back me fucking pride
I'll show you pain you fucking asshole
Break your fucking teeth with a bar
Run you the fuck over with me car

and so on keep the pattern going thru the whole song.