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From: mdw@TC.Cornell.EDU (Matt Welsh)
Date: Sun, 25 Apr 1993 14:55:53 EDT
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Subject: Dinosaur Jr. -- ``Quicksand''

``Quicksand'' by Dinosaur Jr.

Yeah, the words were a pain. I'd appreciate it if someone could help me
out there to revise this.

Anyway, very simple song. The intro chords are Em and C.



  G  Gsus4  G  Gsus4  (repeat)

  I'm closer to the golden dawn, I can't believe the wagon's gone,

  G        Gsus4     G   Gsus4
  It's history...

(C, G, Gsus4 through all of the verses)

  I'm frightened by the total goal,

  I'm drawing to the ragged hole(?)

  G                   Em    C
  And I ain't got the wagon anymore,
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  C                  Am    G      Gsus4
  No I ain't got the wagon anymore...

  C                      G  Gsus4  (through the verse)
  I'm the twisted name...

  Should I leave the engine on,

  To listen to that mountain song,

  G                  Em              C
  I'm sinking in the quicksand of my thought...

  C                   Am    G
  And I ain't got the wagon anymore...

  G     D              Em
  Don't believe in yourself

        A            D
  Don't deceive with believe

                Em           C
  The knowledge comes with deperate ease(?)

     D   G   Em   A
  Ahh oh....

  C                                    G  Gsus4 (through the verse)
  Not too stable hangin' by a string...

  If I don't explain what you oughta know

  You can tell me all about it at the next ball show

  G                  Em              C
  I'm sinking in the quicksand of my thought

  C                   Am    G
  And I ain't got the power anymore...

  G      D             Em    (same as before)
  Don't believe in yourself...

Matt Welsh, mdw@tc.cornell.edu
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