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Date: Tue, 13 Apr 1993 10:54:48 EDT
From: deh1@Lehigh.EDU (Darrel Herbst)
Subject: Dinosaur Jr. Song: Quest
To: jamesb@animal-farm.nevada.edu

Well, here's my best shot at Dinosaur Jr.'s song "Quest".  It can be found on
the new single to "Get me", and off their older record: Dinosaur released on
Homestead Records.

Any comments, please mail me: deh1@lehigh.edu, and if you have ANY Dinosaur
Jr. or Lemonheads tab/chords please send them.   I'm gonna try to put up a
couple of Lemonheads songs this week also, Confetti and Ride with Me.

[ Tab from: http://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/d/dinosaur_jr/quest_crd.html ]
E        G        D        C
Turning toward a time so free
E        G        D        C
the justice has finally escaped
E        G        D        C
dripping words of yesterday
E        G        D        C
set my feeble mind astray.

GBARR      E   (X2)

C            Am             Cm          Cbm
Yearn and see the glow of her eyes as I appear
sigh of satisfaction gave the seetest sound.
The staircase has one too many steps,
I've already started back down.

G G  E    G  (x3)

E          G            D              C
Love the catapillars munchin' on the leaves,
pitter patter makes me forget my disease.
Bugs have feelers just like me,
when I'm feeling oh so lonely.

D              G       (X2)
Dbarr          Bbarr

Disturbin' every sense of grace
the lady wouldn't give me a taste.
The joy leaves me that much,
it lives inside her touch.

G       E         D   (X2)

E       G       D       C
Why won't you be my friend?
I would love to hold you tonight
even if just for pretend.

E       G       D       C
Why won't you be my friend?   (x3)

C              Am           D        C
Love to meet the one who broke my heart,
I know she'd melt me with her dance,
subtle color, such a sweet smell,
it's a shame she'll never get that chance.