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Itsumo Acoustic Tab

Itsumo (Acoustic)
by: Dice & K9
tabbed by: herson (ekoy_14@yahoo.com)
maurag ang mga bicolano!!! lalo na mga taga-naga city!!

September 4, 2004
(after listening to the song for a few minutes...quite an easy song to play
and tab)...

I am 1000% sure of this tab. Listen to the song for the timing, specially
the timing for the BASE line (lower e). Good Luck playing this EASY song. Enjoy!!!

timing: 1 2 3 4, 1 2 3 4, etc..

    1  2  3  4    1  2  3  4
e|-----------7-- ----------7--|
b|-----------9-- ----------9--|
g|--------9----- -------9-----|
d|-----9-------- ----9--------|
a|-----0-------- -------------|
e|--0----------- -0--7--------|
[ Tab from: http://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/d/dice_and_k9/itsumo_acoustic_tab.html ]
VERSE/CHORUS (this part is strummed until the end of the song)


Note: 1)the 7 played on the lower e is played using the THUM
      2)the song can be played with two guitars; guitar 1 for rhythm using
the verse/chorus chords and guitar 2 using the intro chords althroughout the
      3)use your thumb to mute (x) the lower e string and the a string on the
chord pattern.


e-7  =  index finger
b-9  =  pinky finger
g-9  =  ring finger
d-9  =  middle finger
a-0  =  open string
e-0/7=  open string/thumb

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