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Date: Mon, 13 Nov 1995 19:29:27 -0600 (CST)
From: "Mr.Zippy" 
Subject: TAB:I'm not a loser by Descendents

there are 2 crd progressions in this song, there Tabed out here it wont
turn out right in this font, put it in a font like like GENEVA or
HALVAETICA (origanally done in geneva). this is a really easy song once
you learn it.  might have gotten some of the lyrics/riffs parts mixed up.

Riff 1
      C#5                D5                    E5                D5
theres more to this riff, but I didnt finish it cause its just the same
chords over, you can figure that out.
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Riff 2
	F#5        A5       D5
B5                                                  C#5

      E5   C#5
A---7--4----| just repeat this riff over and over...
so, it goes like this...

think that iUm a loser cause i wear my pants really too low
think that im a slob
cause i got holes in my shoes
think my cock is like
i like my dirty shirt
well you can just fuck off
cause im workin sisty a week
you think that life is really tough
when your daddy wont buy you a brand new car
take your girl out she wont fuck you
after you just bought her a gram of coke
spend all your money on shitty coke
im not a loser! thats right
in not a loser!
cruise down the bulavard wasting mommys gas
while your looking for the kicks on friday night
only goal in life is to smoke a joint
decide how yourew gonna get laid tonight
your-a fucking son of a bitch
you arrogent asshole
your pants are too tight
you fucking homo
you suck, mr.buttfuck
you dont belong here
go away you fucking gay
im not a loser!

im not too sure about how the last couple of lines go...