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Date: Mon, 22 Jan 1996 18:54:57 -0800 (PST)
From: "Evan (Jackal) Hulka" 
Subject: CRD: Bikeage (intro) -- Descendents

SONG: Bikeage
BAND: Descendents
ALBUM: Milo Goes To College
DATE: 1982
TABBED BY: The Jackal

On the previous "Bikeage" tab posted here, the guy said he didn't know
how to play the intro. So here it is.

Bikeage intro


The lyrics (thanks to some poor schmuck who typed up the album) are:

Running out of time again
Where did you go wrong this time?
When your problems overwhelm you
Go get drunk, it's party time
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Take a Quaalude, relax your mind
Relax your body too
Run from your problems but you'll never get away
No one loves you and you wonder why...

Sitting there with your mouth full of beer
Your eyes are glazed, your face is red
Who's gonna pick you up and use you for tonight?
And when you're on the streets with a needle in your arm
Selling your body for another fix
Who's gonna pick you up and take you home with them tonight?
Not me...

Running out of breath again
You're an old maid but you're only 15
You're losing all your little girl's charm
Cry all night but you'll never get it back

Don't be afraid, it's not too late
Save yourself, I need you here
Wearing off, wearing out
I can't think about this 'cause it makes me sick.

Sitting there with your... etc

\ EVAN HULKA  | "Someday it's gonna hit you between the eyes	            /
/ evahulk@ace.| That the seeds have already been sown 			    \
\ nueva.pvt.  | So find your own garden 'cause you still need space to grow /
/   | Until that time you will remain alone" 			    \
\"Pogue mahone"-------------------------- "Alone"                           /
/-Irish proverb	  EXPOSERS ROCK!!!	No Use For A Name                   \