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Radio Chords
Artist: Derogatory Remarks
Song: Radio  2003
album: songs about marcie

Chords  (don't what to call them all 'cause they're kind of creative/dumb)
       Am  B  C  G

e   -0-   -0-   -0-   -3-
b   -1-   -0-   -1-   -0-
g   -2-   -x-   -0-   -0-
d   -2-   -x-   -2-   -0-
a   -0-   -2-   -3-   -2-
E   -0-   -0-   -0-   -3-

Verse 1
 Am     B         C                  G
I want you to go and buy my album
 Am        B             C           G
and you should wear my t-shirt
put my poster on your bedroom wall
sit front row at my next concert
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and I want you to join my fan-club
memorize the lyrics to all my songs
write them on the covers of your notebooks
request my videos and sing along

       Am             B     C             G
but everytime I turn on my radio
   Am           B   C                  G
all I ever hear are songs that blow
all these shitty bands are making it big
and I can't even get one little gig

Verse 2
I want to scream out are you ready to rock
I want to wake up with burning on my cock
from fucking groupies after shows backstage
all of whom were ugly and prob'ly underage

I want to write songs about all the girls I've fucked
but that would only be three songs so my albums prob'ly gonna
suck suck suck ya my albums gonna
suck suck suck ya my albums gonna