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Mini Maggit Tab

Deftones: "mini maggit" from White Pony.  Ryan Woldoff    

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this will be repeated a couple times slowly and moderately whe chino says:  
"i'll stick you a little enough to take your oxygen away then i'll set you on  
fire cause i'm on fire and i'm with you alon i'm so into this whore be afraid  
i might lose her so forget about me because i'll stick you".  when he's done  
go on a little longer, and then play with heavy distortion to the strumming  
pattern of "back to school".  it is the same as played above. do this when  
chino says: "pushed back to square, now that you've kneed her in the throat,  
well there you go, cause back in school, we are the leaders of all so  
transpose or stop your life is what you do .  all you are is neat to me."   
then you go back to the strumming pattern of the beginning and do that for a  
while, then fade.  any questions, e-mail me.  this is the last track on white  
pony, but is only on the cd that says mini maggit on the back.  if you got  
the cd after you saw the back to school video, you won't hear the song.