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From: Rowan L. Berry (

Band: Def Leppard
Album: Adrenalize
Track: Tonight

Ok, this is only the intro, and possibly the verses as well, cause it keeps
repeating throughout the song, but it is not final.  I look forward to 
anyone's help on going further.  Any comments, corrections, suggestions are 

/  - slide up...this is optional, but both fingers (1 & 3) need to slide up   
    two frets
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:| - repeat.
    1 e & a  2 e & a  3 e & a  4 e & a  1 e & a  2 e & a  3 e & a  4 e & a
E |---1--------1----------1------------------------------------------------:|
B |-----2--------2------2--------6------------1------1------2--/4----4-6---:|
G |-------3--1-----1--0------------5--------3------------------------------:|
D |-------------------------1--4-----4----3--------1-----------------------:|
A |-1-----------------------------------1-----------------1--/3----4-----1-:|
E |----------------------------------------------4-----4-------------------:|

It should be pretty straight forward.  Umm, I'm pretty sure the notes are
right, but I'd like to hear from anyone who thinks otherwise.  I'd also like
to hear from anyone that can play or has TAB for No No No and Mirror Mirror
(Look into my eyes) from the High 'n' Dry album.

Most of the chords in the song above I don't know the names for, but bars are
required, and seem to fit the fingerboard pretty well.  The tuning is normal
because I haven't found any need to change it, everything sorta falls into
place.  Get back to me and let me know if you thought it was hard to play,
easy, medium, changes?  I want to hear from everyone out there [smile] >>>:)

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