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Date: Sun, 26 Apr 1998 22:31:12 +0200
From: Jan-Albert van Ree 
Subject: d/de_artsen/dogs.crd

Artist: De Artsen
Song:   Dogs (from their album "Conny waves with a shell"

Use standard tuning, bit of reverb, perhaps some chorus. I used the text
just like it appeared in the CD book, although not always correct ?! De
Artsen were the predecessors of Bettie Serveert, a well known ducth

Intro, play 2 times.
(play with minor distortion)

Dm  Am (repeat 8 times)

Verse 1
(play clean)

Dm             Am
Interest level drops so slow

Dm               Am
Dogs are barking down the road

Dm             Am
Haven't seen a horse in days

Dm          Am               C       Em
Michaux's rememberance is at stake

C     Em

Verse 2

Dm             Am
Boldheaded man went very fast
[ Tab from: ]
Dm             Am
Your ply for rememberance here at last

Dm                Am
No people need to type this cast

Dm      Am              C       Em
Animals understand very fast

     C           Em
Here today 


Gm   F#M    Gm    F#M

Verse 3

Dm      Am
Chinese tree, my friend

Dm              Am
No one worships you in the end

Dm                   Am
Wave, wave with that money in your hand

Dm               Am        C        Em
Lash back to the continent again

C        Em

Verse 4

Dm          Am
Images halo through my mind

Dm                  Am
Were or weren't you very kind

Dm                            Am
Anyway I like you 'cause your hair is red

Dm          Am               C       Em
Why does it make you feel so sad

C       Em
So sad


Verse 5

Dm              Am
Dogs are better off these days

Dm                    Am
They got supplies for many years

Dm           Am
And in their soul they leave no trace

Dm                         Am
That's why dogs are better off these days

C        Em

C        Em


Dunno how to tab, based on the Dm and Am chords.

C        Em

C        Em

Chorus, repeated a few times while playing end. Chorus ends at a Em