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Stop Living The Lie Chords

David Sneddon - Stop Liviing The Lie
Album: Seven Years - Ten Weeks ('2003)
Track #3/14

Intro: E B A

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E                   B                  A  
She sits alone at a table in a small cafe
E                      B                       A
Drowning his tears in a bottomless cup of coffee
         Dm                A
And he's tumbling into his thougths
    Dm                       A    
his memories are all tide in knots
A      E        A
who is going to save him 
A      E        A
no-one wants to know him
Repeat once


E                        B                        A
I can't believe that you put on a sleeve when you cry
    E                            B                          A
You stick in the knife then give the kiss of life lived the lie
A      E      A
We all have a saviour
   A       E      A
So do your self a faviour
                E   B   A*2
Stop living the lie

Back to verse then chorus to finish