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Rebel Rebel Tab

Rebel Rebel-David Bowie
 That riff
 D             E        
|--------------2.-|2-------------2-0-let ring

D                           E 
  You've got your mother    in a whirl
  She's not sure if you're a boy or a girl
  Hey babe                your hairs alright
  Hey babe                let's go out tonight
  You like   me    and     I like it all
  We like dancing  and    we look divine
  You love bands   when they play it hard
  You want more   and    you  want it fast
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A                           D                 Bm                     E
  They put you down    they  say I'm wrong       You tacky thing you put them on

D                           E 
   Rebel   Rebel       you've  torn you're dress
   Rebel   Rebel       you're face is a mess
   Rebel   Rebel       how could they know?
D (Hold chord)                   E (hold chord open D note & back to riff)
   Hot tramp                I    love you so              

The Riff 
        D9            E
e -----------O--------(O)------------------I
B ------(3)-----3--2---O-O-----2--O--------I
G ------(2)------------1-1-----------1-----I
D -------O------------(2)---2-----------2--I
A -----------------------------------------I
E --(3)------------------------------------I

A          D         Bm          E
They put...say I'm...you tacky...you put...

End of chorus
D          E
Hot tramp! I love...