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Where Are You Going Tab

Tabbed by the dfactor and JakeBehan(@hotmail.com)

This one is gonna be off of Dave's upcoming album called "Busted Stuff" due out in the 
summer. I heard it at the Corel Centre on 4/20, downloaded it, and we figured it out. We 
wanted to get it out there, so heres how it goes. Dave probably uses a pick (i forgot to 
look at the concert), come to think of it, i bet he fingerpicks, dfactor prefers 
fingerpickin it also.

Hammer into D5 open
e-----------    this whole part is individually picked
B-----------    so youll have to listen to figure out the
G--7-----7--     pattern, but these are the chords that he
D--5h7---7--     picks.
E----------  repeat

Verse "Where are you going with your long face pulling down..."

  D5    G    Bm   Asus2
e-------3-----2--------        Youll have to listen for
B-------3-----3--------       the correct strum rhythm,
G--7----0-----4----2---        because it is strumming
D--7----0-----4----2---       mixed with individual
A--5----2-----1--------        picking.
E ------3--------------

Chorus "I am no superman, not at all..."
[ Tab from: http://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/d/dave_matthews_band/where_are_you_going_tab_ver_2.html ]
  D5    C5  Bb5
e-----------------     Last time through changes and goes
B-----------------      D5, C5, B7 which is:
D--7----5----3----         --1--
A--5----3----1----         --3-- 
E-----------------         --1--
Verse                      --1--
Where are you going        -----
With your long face pulling down
Don't hide away 
Like an ocean
That you cant see but you can smell
And the sound
Of waves coming down

I am no superman not at all
And I have no answers for you
I am no hero, oh thats for sure
But I do know one thinggg
Where you go is where I wanna be (belong)

Where are you going

Where do you go
Are you looking for answers
For reasons under the stars
If along the way
You are growing weery
You can rest with me until a brighter day

Where you gooo
I do knowww
Is where I belong

Where are you going
With your beautiful face
Looking down
Dont hide away
You are like an ocean
That I cant see but I can smell
And the sound of your waves comin down

ending in "where you are is where I belong, where you are is where I wanna be."