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Version: 9 Type: Tab

What Would You Say Tab

Tabbed by Jake Behan

the jam is the best part of what would you say, so i wanted to
put it up to make sure you had the right version

[ Tab from: http://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/d/dave_matthews_band/what_would_you_say_tab_ver_9.html ]
That first chord there is also the same chord from "foxy" by jimi
so if you wanna throw that in and be very Davelike,(the perfect time to do it is
after you pull off the 3rd fret E)just hit the open low E twice, scream "FOXY!",
and then hit that chord and then play 3,5,6,7 on the e, then so it all over again.
Also if you slide that first chord down one and a half steps(3frets), it becomes
the first chord in "Crash into me."