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Dave Matthews Band - what legends!

"What Would You Say"

Album: Under The Table and Dreaming

by Steve Yorke

This is how I think the intro goes - and both guitars! 
You'll probably be more interested in guitar 1.

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             ^    ^
    Guitar 1        
E  :-----------------0----0--|--------------------|
B  :-------------4/5-5----5--|--x2--2b3r2---------|
G  :--------4/2--4--------4--|--x2---------4--2---|
D  :-----5-------------------|-------------------2|
A  :-------------------0-----|--------------------|
E  :-3/5---------------------|3-------------------|

    Guitar 2                                 
E  :-------------------------|--------------------|
B  :-------------4/5---------|--x2--2b3r2---------|
G  :--------4/2-------------0|--x2---------4--2---|
D  :-----5------------------0|-------------------2|
A  :-------------------0--0--|--------------------|
E  :-3/5---------------------|3-------------------|