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~Dave Matthews Band
~"Little Thing"
~Live at Luther



But she talked so good 
But when I turned around, she was gone 
Oh, she was gone 
I didn't even get her name, oh 
I thought, goddamn 
With your face in my mind 
And your voice in my ears 
To echoes 
Oh, I bought a lovely flower 
Standing there, we met that day 
And hope that you would return 
But, no, no, no 
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I can't remember where I was going 
But I can't remember where I was leading to 
Or what led me to you, but 
Oh, and the weight is all through my head 
The look of you, the sound 
The way you cackled at me 
From then and then, I didn't know where I was going 
But always I cry 

And so, hey, oh 
The hands that pour my hands on you again 
Hey, I will beg you, I'll beg, oh 
See me, please find me again 

Oh, I'm lost again 
I sit here drinking coffee 
Or water depending the time of day 
But, oh, you're with me like a ghost of a mother 
Oh, you're with me like the pain of a father 
Oh, I wish I, I wish I could call you something 
Other than the girl that I saw then 

But, hey, I think that I would recognize you in a second 
But, hey, I only saw you for a minute, maybe less 
I don't hold my hand where 
But I waited, honest 
I'm lost now, I'm lost now 
I can't remember what I used to be 
But, oh, hey, yeah, weighted by the memory of 
The memory of a love that never got born, but hey 
Oh, hey 

Do I even cross your mind lately 
With more than just a laughing 
Did you think as you walked away, maybe 
You were, hey 
Oh, I hope you did 
So, hey, yeah 
You would, you would have been feeling 
The same thing as I am know 

Thats it!