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Several Ways To Die Trying Tab

I noticed there wasn't a tab for this song on UG yet, unless I totally missed
something, and I was just listening to it and thought how nice it was so I went
in search of a tab for it.  Checked out that dashtabs.com place and here's what
I found.....

play (2x) 

A2 = 002200 
C#mO = 046600 
E = 022100 
Emaj7 = 021100 
Esus2 = 002400 
F#mO = 044200 
F#/CO = 034200 
F#/C7O = 034205 
G#D7O = 056407 
[ Tab from: http://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/d/dashboard_confessional/several_ways_to_die_trying_tab.html ]
Pacific sun, you should have warned us, it gets so cold here 
And the night can freeze before you set a fire 
And our flares go unnoticed, diminished 
Faded just as soon as they are fired 
We are, we are intrigued 
We are, we are invisible 

Oh how we shouted how we screamed 
Take notice take intrest take me with you 
But all our fears fall on deaf ears tonight 

They're burning the roads they've built to lead us to the light 
And blinding our hearts with their shining lies 
We're closing our caskets cold and tight 
But i'm dying to live. 

Same for verse two and chorus. 

The ending seems to be just E with the second guitar part playing off it, but
simply because it's such a weak ending when playing solo acoustic, I sorta threw
this together. Make sure you slide when doing it. 

E, F#/C7O, G#/D7O, F#/C7O, G#/D7O, E 

Collaberative work between jonmac and searchin.for.solid.ground