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Half-step Down

Dashboard Confessional (is the best)
Song- I Do
Album- Hell if i know


E  Asus  (x2)

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O, love 
Hang on
G#                 F#  
I've gotta say this right
       (G)(A)(B) B(no 3rd)       A(no 3rd)  
Cause i only got one shot once in my life

E- 022100
Asus- 002200
G#- 466444
F#- 244222
(G)- 3xxxxx
(A)- 5xxxxx 
(B)- 7xxxxx
B(no 3rd)- 799777
A(no 3rd)- 577555

And thats all i got so far if you can figure out or know the rest
e-mail me at gonzo6872002@yahoo.com  thanks