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The Reach Chords

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I've been really enjoying alt.guitar for the last few weeks and I just stumbled
on to alt.guitar.tab.... Jeez Louise, I pulled 24 songs off the net yesterday.
I thought I'd better give some back.  Here's a few I've had around here.  Please
enjoy, I'll be posting some more soon.

                                   The Reach
                                by Dan Fogelburg
D  D-  A  E   ...   D  D-  A  E

It's Maine and it's Autumn
                            F#m  B
The Birches have just begun turning
It's life and it's dying
                            F#m   B
The lobsterman's boats come returning
         C#m                       A
With the catch of the day in their holds
        E                    F#m    B
And the young boys cold and complaining
The fog meets the beaches

And out on the Reach it is raining.  D  D-  A  E   ...   D  D-  A  E
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It's father and son
                                      F#m  B
It's the way it's been done since the old days
It's hauling by hand ten miles out from the land
             F#m   B
Where their chow waits
        C#m                      A
And the days are all lonley and long
         E                        F#m    B
And the seas grow so stormy and strong, but...
The Reach will sing welcome

as homeward they hurry along


	And the morning will blow away
	As the waves crash and fall
	And The Reach like a siren sings
                           F#m  A
	As she beckons and calls
	As the coastline recedes from view
	And the seas swell and grow
	I will take from The Reach
                           F#m  A
	All the she has to teach
                B            E
	To the depths of my soul

The wind brings a chill
                                   F#m  B
There's a frost on the sill in the morning
It creeps through the door
                              F#m  B
And out on the shore, ice is forming
         C#m                       A
Soon the Northers will bluster and blow
        E                            F#m  B
And the woods will be whitened with snowfall
And The Reach will lie frozen

For the lost and unchosen to row.

Note:  D-  I don't know the name of this chord, but it's just a D with
	   your finger off the E string.

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