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Secrets chords

Date: Tue, 27 Nov 90 10:34:27 EST
>From: Mario Dorion - Sun Montreal 

(I don't have my guitar here at work. All the solos are from memory,
 my fingers remember it better than my brain but without an actual
 guitar I might be off a little. I'll check tonight. The notation I
 used seems pretty obvious to me: the lines are your guitar's strings
 (thinnest string up) and the numbers, the frets.)


Intro (lead 1)
E ------------------------------------------------------------------|
B ------------------------------------------------------------------|
G ------------------0-2---------------------------------------------|
D 0---4-2-0---0-2-4-----4-2-0-------0-------------------------------|
A --2-------4-------------------------4-3-2-------------------------|
E ----------------------------3-2-0---------------------------------|
[ Tab from: ]
Bm                    G
Secrets shared with a-nother girl
Bm                     G
All night, everything's quiet now
Bm                    G
I wish I was yours, I wish I was yours

(lead 1)

Bm                G
Strangers, nobody knows we love
Bm                        G
I catch your eyes one the dark
    Bm               G
One look relives the memory
  Bm                  G
Remember me the way I used to be

(lead 1)

(lead 2)
E -------------------------------------------------------------------|
B -------------------------------------------------------------------|
G ---------------------------------------0-2-4-----2-4---------------|
D -------0-4-2-0---0-2-------------0-2-4-------4-4-----4-2-0-0-0-----|
A -2-2-4---------4-----4-2-0---2-4-------------------------------4-2-|
E ---------------------------3---------------------------------------|

E ------------------------------------------------------------------|
B ------------------------------------------------------------------|
G -----------0-2-4--------------------------------------------------|
D -----0-2-4-------4-2-0--------------------------------------------|
A -2-4-------------------4-2-0-2------------------------------------|
E ------------------------------------------------------------------|