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From: Gavin Inglis 
Subject: TAB: "Wanted" by Cranberries

One of the Cranberries' simpler songs, but also one of my

WANTED - The Cranberries
from "Everybody Else Is Doing It, So Why Can't We"

transcribed by Gavin Inglis (


   Dm        Bb                  F         Csus4

The same chords are used throughout the song, except sometimes
the Csus4 may be just plain C.
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    Dm            Bb               F               C
    Sitting in an armchair with my head between my hands
    Dm               Bb                    F         C
    Wouldn't have to be like this if you'd only understand
    Dm          Bb             F              C
    Too many misunderstandings causing such delay
    Dm            Bb                  F           C
    If it doesn't work like this I'll try another way

    Dm Bb F                   C
    Oh....this is the way you wanted it
    Dm Bb   F           C
    Oh....I didn't understand
    Oh....this is the way you wanted it
    Oh....I didn't understand
        Dm              Bb            F                C
    You know that all I wanted was to be there by your side
        Dm            Bb               F                C
    And if you didn't want it then you shouldn't have denied
        Dm                 Bb              F              C
    You knew that you were someone special right from the start
        Dm              Bb            F           C
    But if you treat me badly we'd be better off apart

    Oh...this is the way you wanted it
    Oh...I didn't understand
    Oh...this is the way you wanted it
    Oh...I didn't understand


Elevated warbling to finish.