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From: "Manuel Fangio" 
Date: Sun, 3 Oct 1999 21:33:01 +0200

Tabulature of "Just My Imagination" - Cranberries (album: bury the =
Tabbed by Manuel Mayer (South Tirol - Italy)
icq#: 24872189


   1    2    3     4
   Bb   F    Cm    Gm  F

It's played by the rythm guitar throughout the song.

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It's played frequently in the background but mainly
1 time after the 1st chorus and
2 times after the 2nd chorus

(the rythm shown below isn't absolutly correct cuz I'm not a =
but by listening to the song you'll find out the right timing)

h = hammer on

   Bb               F                Cm               Gm      F=20
e |----------------|-1-1-11-1-13-1--|----------------|----------------|  =
B |-------------3--|----------------|-3h4-4-44-4-46-4|----------------|  =
G |-3-3-33-3-35----|----------------|----------------|-6h7-7-75-5-57-5|  =
  |----------------|----------------|----------------|----------------|    =
  |----------------|----------------|----------------|----------------|    =
  |----------------|----------------|----------------|----------------| =20

Thats about it folks. Enjoy it!

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