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Amy Hit The Atmosphere Chords

(Standard Tuning)







Gadd9              Cadd9 Am     D
If I could make it rain today

Gadd9              Cadd9     Am          D        Gadd9
And wash away this sunny day down to the gutter I would

              Cadd9     Am     D 
Just to get a change of pace

Gadd9              Cadd9       Am         D
Things are getting worse but I feel a lot better
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    F                     C          Gadd9
And that's all that rally matters to me

(same for all verses)


[G]         Em  D
We've waited so long

    Cadd9      Gadd9        D
For someone to take us back home

              Bm Em 
It just takes so long

    Cadd9         Gadd9   Cadd9   Gadd9  
And meanwhile the days go driftin away

    Cadd9      Gadd9       Em  A
And some of us sink like a stone

Cadd9       D          Gadd9
Waiting for mothers to come