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Pass It On Tab

I think that this is a gr8 song by the coral, probs one of my favs by them, and this 
is gr8 2!{if u havnt got it yet-GET IT!!!!!}u wont regret it! Anywayz, im 99% sure this tab 
rite but if you do hav ne probs e-mail me----------> my old e-mail is but i very rarely use it

Guitar 1
     Am              C                G

Intro and Verses:{You can hear the elecrtic quite clearly if you listen closish)
Guitar 2

   Am                         C           G

Am			     C			G
Every day I recognise what's deceased and what's alive
Am				       C                  G
Don't repeat what I've just said until gold has turned to lead
Am				          C            G
All the tales will be told whilst you and I are in the cold
Am				          C		G
But don't think this is the end 'cos it's just become my friend

G		              F
When it's gone, when this is gone
C               G            Am
Just find a feeling, pass it on
[ Tab from: ]
Am					          C		G
For every tear that's cried in shame, there is someone else to blame
Am			C            G
Every crime that I commit is a punishment to fit
Am					  C		 G
I'd accept what's coming round if I could only lose this sound
Am				   C                G
That's been ringing in my ears and tormenting me for years

G		              F
When it's gone, when this is gone
C               G            Am
Just find a feeling, pass it on

Solo thingy:
For this solo sorta thing just play the verse chords really really sorry that I
down what chords but i'm kinda in a rush and havnt got much time (but ive got
down somewhere, if you really wanna no what they are e-mail me and ill e-mail
them bck2u---if i can fond them lol) they're sumwhere here. anywayz,
just play the verse chords over.

G		              F
When it's gone, when this is gone
C               G            Am
Just find a feeling, pass it on
C               G            Am
Just find a feeling, pass it on
C               G            Am
Just find a feeling, pass it on



Play the same for the verse {acoustic} all the way through it's not hard to work out 
listen to the song and you'll work out the order and which bit goes where and I think the 
plays the same all through the song apart from the outro{obviously}{ and I dont
think the elecrtic plays in the solo, but most people play the acoustic part
anyway. But if you do 
ne probs you know where to e-mail me!! c ya! x-x-x :-P