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Date: Wed, 06 Mar 1996 15:43:11 -0500
From: Alexandre Campagna 

				The World I know

				(Collective Soul)

		Transcribed by:   Alexandre Campagna

Comment:  I haven't figured out the intro, but the rest is quite perfect...
	  So.. Enjoy!   :)

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Bm	D	   G       		A 
	Has our conscience shown?
Bm      D	   G			A
	Has the sweet breeze blown?
Bm      D	   G		        A
	Has all the kindness gone?
Bm      D	   G  	 		   
	Hope still lingers on.
	I drink myself of newfound pity
	Sitting alone in New York City.
	And I don't know why.

Bm      D      G                A  (2X)
Bm      D      G                A
	Are we listening?
Bm      D      G                A
	Hymns of offering
Bm      D      G                A
	Have we eyes to see
Bm      D      G                
	That love is gathering?	
	All the words that I've been reading
	Have now started the act of bleeding
	Into one....Into one.


D	                  A	
	So I walk upon high
	And I step to the edge
	To see my world below.
D			     A
	And I laugh at myself
	While the tears roll down.
	'Cause it's the world I know. 
	Oh It's the world I know.

					Alexandre Campagna {96/03/06}