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Colin Peters Chords & Tabs

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Bayview Drive Chords

Colin Peters is an up and coming emo / pop punk single.  For more information please

Bayview Drive

Intro-  Am, Em, Dsus

       Am                Em         Dsus
Verse 1- I picked you up that night
Am	                 Em               Dsus
   I drove you down to our favourite spot
 Am	             Em	            Dsus
    The stars were shining bright
 Am	   Em	          Dsus
    And we went for a walk
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Chorus- Strolling down Bayview Drive
  D	                                   Em	   D
Walking through the beach at Midnight was special, your so special (X2)

Verse 2- The time was coming to an end

I walked you back to the car, holding your hand

We got to your house and you walked inside

Thanks for giving me the time of my life      (Chorus)

Em                   Bm                          Dsus
Bridge- Thanks for giving me the time of my life
Em	           Bm	                          Dsus
   I wish I could repeat the whole thing all over
Em	         Bm	                 Dsus
   I will never forget what we did that night
Em	     Bm                Dsus
   Strolling down Bayview Drive      (Chorus X2)