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From: (Burning Inside)
Date: 28 Nov 95 21:47:31 -0500
Subject: "Escape from the Prison Planet" by Clutch

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Escape from the Prison Planet           by Clutch
                                        from the album "Clutch"
                                        words and music by Tim Sult, 
                                          Dan Maines, Neil Fallon, and
                                          Jean-Paul Gaster
                                        tabbed by Tom Mallon
E --------------------------------------------
B --------------------------------------------
G --------------------------------------------
D ------------------5------------------5------
A ----5-/-7--7-\-5--3--7-----5-/-7--5--3--7---
E ----3-/-5--5-\-3-----5-----3-/-5--3-----5---
E -----------------------------------
B -----------------------------------
G ---------------------------5-----4-
D ------------------5--------5-----4-
A ----5-/-7--7-\-5--3--7-----3-----2-
E ----3-/-5--5-\-3-----5-------------
VERSE (w. occasional adlib)
E -------------------------------------
B -------------------------------------
G ---12--\-----------------------------
D ---12--\---------------7p5----7p5----
A ---10--\-----------------------------
E -------------------------------------
E |---------------------------------------------------|
B |---------------------------------------------------|
G |.-------------------------------------------------.|
D |.-------------------------------------------------.|
A |--7----10-----7---------------7----10----7-----7---|
E |-------------------10---10---------------------0---|
E ---15^r-----------------------------------------------------------
B ----------13^r----------------------------------------------------
G -----------------14^r----12^r-------------------------------------
D --------------------------------14--------------------------------
A ------------------------------------------------------------------
E ------------------------------------------------------------------
(Note: there is a little more to both the BRIDGE riffs than I have included.
       The first one has a turnaround I never got around to figuring out, but
       it sounds easy so wing it. The second has a few more notes to it but
       I'm having trouble hearing them on the disc.)