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Your New Cuckoo Chords

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Date: Fri, 3 Apr 98 07:47:13 CST  
From: "Charles S Seymour" 
Subject: c/cardigans/your_new_cuckoo.crd

"Your New Cuckoo"--The Cardigans (from First Band on the Moon)


Dmaj7 C#maj7 Cmaj7 C#maj7 [fade in, repeat as desired]
Dmaj7 Ebdim


Em7 A Dmaj7 Ebdim
Em7 A Dmaj7 C#maj7 Cmaj7
Ebdim B Ab7


C#m7 A6 Am+7 [repeat]

I saw you there
  A6          Am+7
I stopped and stared
    C#dim        A6     Am+7
the curly girlie smiled
You really were
    A6       Am+7
too close to her
    C#m7             A6  Am+7
and people just went by

C#m7 A6 Am+7 [repeat]
[ Tab from: ]
I saw your face
    A6    Am+7
and her embrace
     C#m7           A6   Am+7
your whisper in her ear
I know the score
              A6         Am+7
'cause I have heard it before
  C#m7                A6   Am+7
I read your lips with fear

Ebdim       B          Ab7
       Your words were clear (you said):

Em7            A
             Dmaj7                Ebdim
Let's say forever, let's say it's true
Em7            A
             Dmaj7     C#maj7 Cmaj7
let's come together, me and you
     B   Ab7
your new cuckoo

[Verse instrumental, then repeat chorus]


Dmaj7 C#maj7 Cmaj7 C#maj7 [repeat and fade out]

Chord definitions:

Dmaj7 [x57675]
C#maj7 [x46564]
Cmaj7 [x35453]
Ebdim [xx4545]  although in the Ebdim B Ab7 pattern I like [xx1212]
Em7 [x79787]
A [577655]
B [x24442]
Ab7 [464544]
C#m7 [x46454]
A6 [x02222]
Amin+7 [x02110]