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The Boxer Chords

G: 320033
D: 000232
A: 002220

standard tuning.

intro: (i only wrote out the melody on the upper strings..
i believe it goes through 3x) rhythm is dotted


listen to the cd for the rhythm, it goes kinda like: XX--XX--XX--X-X- if each
dash is an eighth note and that's two bars rhythmically. The A chord is on the
last two quarter notes X-X-  and the D is on the XX--XX it has a slight swing
feel with the eighths, don't play it straight. Feel free to embellish the rhythm,
this is just a basic guideline. 

Couldn't ask for a better day, two by two
  D                             A   A  D 

To the ring to the right point of view
 D                           A  A  D
Each retreat to the corner that's defined by you
 D                                   A    A   D   

To the ring to the right point of... 
 D                            A
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the rhythm changes up here X-X-X-X-X-X-X-X all on quarter notes, each chord gets
two quarter notes. really it feels more like a quarter and then two eighths, but
most simply, you can just do two quarters.


                Lonely Reign
D   A   G  A    D   A  G  A 
 She is the Boxer, she knows 
D    A      G       A    
when and where to strike
D         A      G       A
He is the Boxer, he knows,
D     A     G     A   
no peaceful sleep tonight
D     A     G       A
(same as verse 1)
Caught the downfall of Pete and May, Ryan too 
(He did not approve of Callie's mood) 
Doctor Mike was 'fight or flight' at Dundrum School 
To the right to the right point of... 

(same as chorus- except for last line)
No return. No passion left to burn. 
The Boxers grow weary. 
Their eyesight...blurry view. 
D       A          G


All's quiet on the front. Smokey room. 
Boxer standing tall, peering through 
Finding no one left to fight 
What to do? 

To the ring to the right point of view... 
(begining melody)                 (back into DAGA progression)


lonely reign
lonely reign
lonely reign



this is my first full tab, hope it's correct :)