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Things Will Go My Way Chords

Tabbed By: Karan Goyal

Ive figured out the chords for this song and it sounds exactly like this! Please listen
to the song properly before trying this out. You should have more or less a good idea
about the order of the chords in the different parts of the song)

Tuning: EADGBe(Standard)
Chords Used: 

E      [022100]
Asus2  [x02200]
C#m    [x46650]
B      [x24400]

E                 Asus2
I came to tell u how it all began...(same two chords used till the pre-chorus)


So hold me now
And say its not forever

Maybe someday 
In time, (same Asus chord continues...)

                   E      A
Things will go my way.......
Things will go my way
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I pushed to get through (same E chord continues..)

The crowds in twisted souls...(same chords repeat like in the first verse)

Repeat same chords in the second pre-chorus

                  E      A
Things will go my way.......
                    C#m   B
Things will go my way.......
Things will go my..

For all the lies ive tasted

Just lookin for the truth
For all the dreams im chasing

Well what am i to do

      E (when u play the bridge for the second time play C#m instead of E)

When everything's against me

The answers are all wrong

     Asus2 (play B for the second time u play bridge)
Im hoping that ill find out

It was worth it all along..
Repeat pre-chorus
Repeat chorus2
Repeat the bridge with the changes given in brackets
Repeat chorus2 for the final time...(fade away)