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Stigmatized Chords

  TITLE: Stigmatized
  ARTIST: The Calling
  TABBED BY: jaypee_dude (
  TUNING: Capo on first fret. (all chords relative to capo)
  NOTE: Refer to the cd for strumming patterns.
    Im back for my secong tab. This song is great, this is how I play it.
    Im still a beginner so corrections and improvements are welcome.


           F    Fm   G    C    Dm   Em   F2   G2   C2   C#add9  
      E|---0----0----0----0----5----3----1----3----3----3-----| 1
      D|---1----1----3----5----6----3----1----3----5----3-----| 2
      G|---2----0----4----5----7----0----2----4----5----5-----| 3
      B|---3----3----5----5----7----2----3----5----5----5-----| 4
      A|---3----3----5----0----5----2----3----5----3----3-----| 5
      E|---X----X----X----X----X----0----1----3----X----3-----| 6

  INTRO: F-Fm-F-Fm-G-C-G-C (2x)
         F2 Hold
         (to make it sound better,hammer on the 3rd string when the
                         chords changes from Fm-F) 

                F     Fm          F     Fm
      If I give up on you, I gave up on me.
            G            C             G    C
      If we fight what's true, will we ever be.
           F      Fm             F       Fm
      Even God himself, and this faith I knew.
                G       C               G            C
      Shouldn't hold me back, shouldn't keep me from you.

      Dm       C2     Em              F2
      Tease... me, by holding out you hand.
           Dm       C2     Em           F2
      Then leave... me, or take me as I am.
          F        Fm-F-Fm             G2-C#add9-F2
      And live our lives... stigmatized.

      I can feel the blood, rushing through my veins.
[ Tab from: ]
      When i hear your voice, it's drivin' me insane.

      Hour after hour, day after day.

      Every lonely nights, that i sit and pray.


            Dm             C2  
      We live our lives in different sides
             Em             F2
      But we keep together, you and I
           F        Fm-F-Fm   G2-C#add9-F2Hold
      Just live our lives, stigmatized...

            F2       Fm-F-Fm   G2        C2            G-C2
      We'll live our lives, we take the punches everyday
            F2       Fm-F-Fm       G2         C2         G-C2-F2 
      We'll live our lives, I know were gonna find our way.
      Fm-F              G2-C#add9-G2
      I believe in you, even if no one understands.
      Fm-F              G2-C#add9-G2
      I believe in you, and I don't really give a damn
      If were stigmatized.
         Dm                C2
      We live our lives in different sides
             Em            F2
      But we keep together you and I
         F        Fm-F-Fm     G2-C#add9-F2
      We live our lives, in different sides
      We gotta live our lives
      Gotta live our lives
      Were gonna live our lives
                           G2-C#add9-G2           Fm-F
      Were gonna live our lives, gonna live our lives

  Im not sure of the ending part, I'll work on this if i have the time.
  That's all! Enjoy playing. 
  By the way, I'm Filipino,and Pinoys Rock!
  Hi to Dhesa. Para sayo ito.- jaypee aviado