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Sunken Waltz Tab

Sunken waltz - Calexico

Tabbed by Seb the Koala

Intro riff--

e -0---0---0-----0-----------------1-
B -1---------3-----3---1-----1-----1- 
G -2-----------------------2-------2-    F  /  C  /  G  /  Am
D -2---------------------------3---3-  /
A ----------------------------------- /
E -----------------------------------/

Verse (Am F C  F  C  G Em  Am)
Am                    F         C
Washed my face in the rivers of empire
        F            C         G
Made my bed from the cardboard crate
     Em             Am
Down in the city of courts
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Verse (Am F C  F  C  G Em  Am)
Am          F     C
No news, no new regrets
         F       C       G
Tossed a susan b over my shoulder
    F               Em       Dm
And prayed it would rain and rain
   F         Em            Dm
Submerge the whole western state

Chorus (C F C F Em Am) 
         C         F
Called a last fair deal 
        C        F
With an american zeal
    Em            Am
and corporate handshake

Verse (Am F C  F  C  G Em  Am)
Am                F         C
take the story of carpenter mike
                F             C        G
Who dropped his tools and his keys and left
    F             Em        Dm
And headed out as far as he could
         F        Em              Dm
Past the city and gayday neighbourhoods
       C                F
And he slept 'neath the stars
      C            F
Wrote down what he dreamt
       C         F         Em        Am
And he built a machine for no-one to see
         G            F            C
and took flight first light of new morning