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Laura Chords

E         B				         A
Laura, you?re the kind of girl I can?t live without
E                B			A
You make me want to get up in the morning
E                B			       A
You make it possible to go through the days of life
E	     B			A
To see you during the day makes me want to stay
E	    B			A
You bring joy to my life so I could live it
E         B				A
Laura, you?re the reason I want to live this life

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E	  B		      A
So if you could understand the way I feel
E	      B		      A
Maybe then we could become better friends
E         B				   A
I love the way you smile when you?re laughing
E         B			      A
Laura you always seem to be a good friend
E         B		                 A
I hope I can get to know you better
E	          B		         A
Cause if we do, I know we?ll be friends forever
(Play this with your fingers resting on the top three strings)

so laura this is what I have to say to you

you light up my life and I hope I can help you, too

but if  I can?t, I know that you?ll find the right guy

and I know it won?t be hard for you to try

your so beautiful they?ll just come right to you

just remember that I?ll always love you, love you, love you