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Whos David Chords

Whos david busteds upcoming predicted (by me) no.1 single.
please rate.The song uses palm muting through the verse and middle section.Up 2 you
if you use p. muting but it makes it sound more accurate.

E         A        D      Cadd9
E         A        D      Cadd9


E                            A                  D                   Cadd9

Youve always been this way since high school, flirtacous and quite loud.
E                A             D       Cadd9
  I find your sense of humor spiteful,it shouldnt make u proud.
E                    A          D       Cadd9  EM7
And I know your pretty face gets far with guys
Cadd9          A             D     
But your make-up aint enough to hide the lies
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E               A                    D                Cadd9    EM7  Cadd9
         Are u sure that your mine,  arent you dating other guys
E                           A                       D               Cadd9   EM7  Cadd9
         Cos your so cheap and im not blind, your not worthy of by time
                          E              A                      D       Cadd9 EM7 Cadd9   
         Somebody saw you sleep around the town,               And ive got proof because 
  D                                Cadd9  EM7  Cadd9
the words going around, the words going around, i dont know you.
E                        A             D          Cadd9 EM7 Cadd9
     You left ure fone so i invaded   I hated what I saw       
E                    A                 D                          Cadd9     EM7     Cadd9
     You stupid lying b#:ch who's David    some  guy who lives next door
E                 A                D                         Cadd9 EM7 Cadd9
     So go live in the house of David if you like
E                    A       D         Cadd9 EM7 Cadd9
    but be sure he dont know Peter,John or Mike

chorus  exactly the same as before

Bridge ( i fink its called that)
  E        A              D    Cadd9 EM7 Cadd9  E         A D                
   And I know that you try to break me into pieces and I know that you lie
  Cadd9     EM7  E              E  
 but u cant hurt me now Im over you
       A       D     Cadd9                        E
       Oweoheoheoh         I dont like you         
      A            D  Cadd9
chorus exactly the same

           E           A          D      Cadd9              A
I dont know you         oweoweoweoh            I dont like you   
           D                E
oweohweohweoh  I dont know you

On the last E of the song you hit the bottom E string when Charlie says 'you' and then
you play the whole chord as normal straight afterwards.

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