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Headful Of Ghosts Chords

Headful of Ghosts
By Bush
Album: Goldenstate
Transcribed by Cody Shults

This song rocks!!! Bush Rocks!!! This album Rocks!!! Buy it!!!

Intro: A  C  F  C

Verse: 	A				     C
	I stand around at American weddings, I stand around for family.
	At my best when I'm terrorist inside, at my best when it's all me.
	I was there when they took all the people, I was alone in a
		mental ravine.
	You breathe life when you break the walls, you breathe life 
		when you set me free.

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Chorus: F		  		C
	Where is my head, where are my bones?
				    D		A#
	Why are my days so far from home?
	Where is my head, where are my bones?
	Can you save me from myself?

Verse:	Free-thinking renegade social, Mr. Moon Man now.
	Out the slipstream of my possibilities, got the boat so we
		don't drown.
	These are the days that I'm split down the middle, no words
		to calm me down.
	Be sure that what you dream of, won't com to hunt you out.


	*Bridge- A  C*
	*First 2 lines of verse 1*

	You'll have to figure out the riffs and stuff, but this should
should help you out a lot!! This song is awesome! And Bush Rocks!!!