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Grapefruit Juicy Fruit Chords

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Grapefruit-Juicy fruit
By Jimmy Buffett

B    C         B       C
Grapefruit   a bathin' suit
              F#    G
chew a little juicy fruit
wash away the night
B     C         B      C
Drive-in    you guzzle gin
                F#     G
commit a little mortal sin
it's good for the soul
[ Tab from: http://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/b/buffett_jimmy/grapefruit_juicy_fruit_crd.html ]
 Dm7           G7   Cmaj7       C6 
     And oh it gets so    damn lonely
 Dm7             G7        Cmaj7
     when you're on a plane alone
 Dm7                  G7             Cmaj7               C6       
     And if I had the money honey I'd strap you in beside me
  D7                          G7                  
     And never ever leave you leave you at home all along and cryin'

Ten speed  no need
My pickup gets me where I please
Chuggin' down the street

But I'll be leavin'
In a little while
So close your eyes and I'll
I'll be back real soon

solo (spoken: "Ah, take it Refers...  Lady's choice, everybody dance...")
repeat chorus
Chord diagrams:                               
B - |224442|  C - |x32o1o|  F# -  |xx4322|   G -|32ooo3|  D7 -|xxo212|
Dm7-|xxo211|  G7- |32ooo1|  Cmaj7-|x32ooo|   C6-|xx2213|
[This arrangement was taken without permission from the one in the book 
"The Songs of Jimmy Buffett" published by CPP/Belwin, Inc.]
 (c)1973,74 Duchess Music Corporation

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