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Another Day Chords


(Every time a chord is written down it means it is played for one measure)
It's a really easy song, so have fun

 Verse 1:
       Dm  C  Bb
Another day
A                 Dm  C  Bb
Staring out of my window
A              Gm(2x)  A
Thinkin bout tomorrow
A                     Dm     C Bb A
Whishing things would clear
           Dm   C Bb 
No need to rush
A             Dm    C Bb
I ain't gonna worry
A             Gm(2x)  A
Any moment my sorrow
A            Dm        C Bb A
Is bound to disappear
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    Gm           A
Sometimes I tell myself
                  Bb       C
I'm better off without you
                   Gm            A    
And then I have to face the emptiness
                 Bb       C
I feel inside without you
           Gm             A               Dm   C Bb A
And find a way to make it through another day

Verse 2: (Same as the first)
I need a way
To find the truth within me
Accept the fact that I love you
My blue eternity
I hear they say
What doesn't kill you makes you stronger
I must have the heart of a lion
Sifting through loves remains


Verse 3:
My love for you is edged
Forever in my memory
Now I realize that life goes on
Even though you're not here with me
I wake up looking forward to another day
A day of living without you
Just another day

In the instrumental part the chords are shifted one fret higher
I hope it's all clear, it's my first tab so....

Johan Arnold